Elizah Eaglefeather

Were-Eagle looking for some fun.


Elizah is a what is called a Changed. She is a Were-Eagle. She tends to keep to herself except when she finally trusts someone. Once she trusts you she will have your back forever, you won’t have to worry about that. If you do not earn her trust though you should be wary as she is very vindictive and will make life uncomfortable.
She tends to collect small animals and rodents for food, anything from a Shiatsu down to mice are fair game when she is around. She is very good at the quick quiet kill and has a bag with which to hold them until she gets back to her nest.
She is fairly well off and will usually not have a problem with money. Her father is in the “government” and can occasionally help with satellite feeds or such but only rarely.


Elizah grew up in the outskirts of the city where her father worked for the “government” and her mother worked as an animal control officer.
She would go around with her mother on calls and “collect” small animals and rodents and snakes from the calls as “pets”
Through information from her father they made a ton of money in the stock market which allowed her mother to quit her job. They stayed in the house they lived in so they did not show they had money to outsiders or even friends. The excuse on why her mother quit was her father got a raise at work and they could afford to let her quit now.
Her first change was when she was 12. She was confused and disoriented at first but learned fairly quickly how to handle herself.

She was getting picked on by a group of bullies when from out of nowhere this stranger, , stepped in and helped me by taking care of them. He then took me home and told me he will always help me out, thus earning my trust. Protection

Elizah Eaglefeather

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